Royal Canin Sporting Life Trail 4300

Sporting Life Trail 4300

Continual energy

Contains balanced levels of carbohydrates (28%) and fatty acids (21%). Carbohydrates provideenergy which can be used quickly from the early stage of physical effort whereas fatty acids areused gradually over the exercise period to maximise performance in sporting and working dogswith long periods of sustained activity.

Sport performance +

Maintaining health in sporting and working dogs is essential to achieve the best performance.“SPORT PERFORMANCE +” is an exclusive combination of nutrients which helps maintainhealthy joints, supports a healthy digestive system (highly digestible L.I.P., specific fibres: MOS, psyllium), and helps neutralise free radicals thanks to a strengthened antioxidant cocktail (vitamin E, lutein, beta-carotene).

Muscle condition

Activity increases the need for oxygen delivery to muscles as well as the protein turnover.Thanks to a high level of protein (28%), TRAIL 4300 supports oxygen delivery to muscles and contributes to maintaining muscle mass.

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